What I teach..

Learning piano is like a journey. I can guide you through this journey by teaching:
1) how to read and comprehend musical texts,
2) how to prepare piano music repertoires through practice to the performance level, which should be fluent, effortless, convincing, and expressive,
3) how to feel comfortable and relaxed at the piano,
4) how to make the piano sing,
5) how to achieve technical brilliance on the piano,
6) how to practice piano music repertoires in the correct ways, keeping all musical elements, and
7) how to create the quality, beautiful, expressive sounds out of the piano.

And, I also need your:
1) boundless, enormous, and constant love for music,
2) willpower to find success, joy, and fulfillment in your piano playing,
3) PATIENCE on the long journey but AMUSEMENT at every moment that you dedicate on music, and
4) sincere word on the daily and mindful practice.

Parent involvement 

Piano lessons are like a triangle composed of the student, the parents, and the teacher; it …
About Pianist Aejin Chang 

Aejin Chang is a pianist and piano teacher currently residing in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where she has run an independent teaching studio since 2006.

Aejin holds a Master of Arts degree in piano performance from The Rimsky-Korsakov Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory (Санкт-Петербургской консерватории им. Н.А.Римского-Корсакова) in Russia. She has had many solo recitals, ensembles and accompanied performances in Russia, South Korea, and the U.S.A. Her recordings in her studio are regularly updated in her YouTube channel.

She has been an active member of the Music Teachers National Association(MTNA) and the Los Alamos Music Teachers Association(LAMTA) since 2011.

Contact infomation

Aejin Chang Piano Studio is open to anyone who loves music - Feel free to contact by phone or e-mail (preferred).

Phone: 505.661.2341
Adress: 1445 Camino Medio, Los Alamos, NM 87544

About the Studio 

Aejin's home studio features a Steinway & Sons g…
Studio policies
Instruction: Private lessons focus primarily on technique and repertoire as well as musicianship.TIME: Lessons will be thirty minutes, forty-five minutes or one hour in length, depending on student’s level and needs. Longer lessons are recommended for advanced students.Tuition rate: 1 dollar per 1 minute ($30/30min. $45/45min. $60/60min.)Payment schedule: Please make checks payable to Aejin Chang. Lessons will be billed on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month. Checks should be remitted at the first lesson each month and will total the cost of the number of lessons to be taken during the month.CANCELLATIONS: Lessons canceled with twenty-four (24) hours advance notice will be rescheduled schedule permitting. Students are responsible to pay for lessons canceled without twenty-four hours notice. No refund will be given for no-shows or tardiness except snow days.Make-up lessons: I do make-up lessons as much as I can. If you need to reschedule for missing lessons, p…